TIP Spotlight on Paul Dunn of BED AND BREAKFAST

 Name: Paul Dunn
Hometown: Toronto
Role/Position: Drew (& others) in BED AND BREAKFAST

Paul Dunn - Bed and Breakfast

TIP:  What is your favourite thing about Gananoque?
PD: The water: cycling up to the theatre every evening, I’m always struck by how beautiful the view is. A nice experience to have on your way to work!

TIP: You’re opening up a Bed and Breakfast. What do you name it?
PD: The Artful Lodger –  although I’d be stealing the name of a very nice B&B in Stratford, Ontario. 

TIP: BED AND BREAKFAST is about finding a place to call home. Is there any place or thing that makes you feel most at home?
PD: Home to me has never been tied to a physical location, but rather to the people I love: my partner and my family. Wherever they are, that’s where home is. 

TIP: BED AND BREAKFAST is full of exciting life surprises. Have there been any happy plot twists in your life so far?
PDBeing a theatre artist, you’re never quite sure where your career and life path will lead. I’ve been very happy with the various “plot twists” that have led me here, doing this show, with these wonderful folks. 

TIP: What led you to working in the theatre?
PDI grew up near Edmonton, a fantastic theatre town. As a teenager I saw so much theatre – the Fringe Festival there is North America’s largest and best. I would camp out and see 4 shows a day from local, national, and international artists. 

TIP: What’s at the top of your bucket list, theatre or otherwise?
PD: A trip back to the UK and Europe. I’d love to tour a show internationally as well. 

You can see Paul Dunn in BED AND BREAKFAST, now playing until September 13. To purchase tickets, click here or call our Box Office: (613) 382-7020.

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