TIP Spotlight features Alison Deon of DON’T DRESS FOR DINNER!

Alison Deon

Name: Alison Deon
Home town: Nelson, BC
Role/Position: Jacqueline in DON’T DRESS FOR DINNER

Thousand Islands Playhouse: What is your favourite thing about Gananoque?
Alison Deon: Jumping off the dock into the river after the show! Also, the people.

TIP: Do you cook? What is your favourite meal to cook?
AD: I make a pretty good vegan South Indian dahl – it’s my main move. 

TIP: What led you to working in the theatre?
AD: Wonderful drama teachers in school growing up in Nelson, BC, and a lifelong love of telling stories and playing dress-up. 

TIP: DON’T DRESS FOR DINNER features madcap high jinx, mistaken identities, and secrets at every turn. Have you ever been in a similar situation?
AD: I would be terrible in a real-life farce situation. I have no poker face and would quickly crack under the pressure. 

TIP: What’s at the top of your bucket list, theatre or otherwise?
AD: Would really love a country house that looks just like our set. I also would not mind it being “less than two hours from Paris” like Bernard and Jacqueline’s :).

Make sure to catch Alison Deon as Jacqueline in DON’T DRESS FOR DINNER. Now playing at the Springer Theatre until August 22. Click here for more information about the show, and to buy tickets!

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