The Comedy of Errors

The Comedy of Errors

A Shakespearean Farce with a Vaudeville Twist

August 25 - September 16
Springer Theatre




By William Shakespeare
Produced in Association with Western Canada Theatre, Kamloops, BC and Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton, ON

  • Two sets of estranged twins, separated at birth, find themselves in the same city 25 years later with hilarious consequences. This series of mistaken identities, assumed personas, and wild mishaps is performed in a new vaudeville-style adaptation by a cast of only 5 actors (with lighting fast quick changes)!

    NEW: Relaxed Performance - Sunday, September 3 at 2:30pm

    A relaxed performance is intended to support audience members who may benefit from a more relaxed environment, including (but not limited to) those with breathing apparatuses or other support machinery, people who need support personnel with them, people with ASD, people who may need to leave and re-enter a performance, anyone with sensory and communication disorders, or those who experience a learning disability. During relaxed performances, audience members can get up and move around, leave the theatre and come back, and share their joy without worrying about being too loud. In other words, audiences are invited to be themselves and act as naturally as possible.

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    Playing at the Springer Theatre
    from August 25 - September 16

    Running time: 2 hours (plus an intermission)

  • Cast

    Tess Degenstein – Adrianna/Duchess
    Alison Deon – Luciana/Abbess/Nell/Dr. Pinch
    Jacob James – Aegeon/Angelo/Courtesan
    Craig Lauzon – Antipholous of Syracuse/Antipholous of Ephesus
    Anand Rajaram – Dromio of Syracuse/Dromio of Ephesus


    Director – Daryl Cloran
    Set & Costume Designer – Drew Facey
    Lighting Designer – Louise Guinand
    Sound Designer – Jonathan Lewis
    Magic Consultant – Nicholas Wallace
    Choreographer – Kay Kenny
    Original Choreography – Tracey Power
    Associate Lighting Designer – Oz Weaver
    Assistant Director – Heather Cant
    Stage Manager – Skylar Nakazawa
    Assistant Stage Manager – Bradley Dunn

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