The Thousand Islands Playhouse Podcast: Season 3

Join Artistic Associate Sophia Fabiilli and Company Manager Marta McDonald of the Thousand Islands Playhouse as they speak to actors, directors, and designers about the season’s productions and the play-making process. Whether it’s acting, direction, design, or life behind the scenes, this pre-show podcast warms you up for the show you’re about to see.

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The Thousand Islands Playhouse Podcast: Season 2

Finding it difficult to stay creative? Each week, join Associate Artistic Director Sophia Fabiilli and Company Manager Marta McDonald as they share a drink and speak to actors, directors, and designers about using their creativity at home during the pandemic. If you have a passion for art and theatre, and want to get creative yourself, this At Home Edition is for you!

Episode 1
Richard Lam: Pandemic Jams

Actor and musician Richard Lam appeared at TIP last season in The New Canadian Curling Club and was slated to perform in Once this summer. Listen in to hear how Richard is turning his pandemic lemons into lemonade and channeling his creative energy into his band, James King and the Midnight Hours, as they prepare to record their first album.

Episode 2
Deanna H. Choi: Well-Tuned Cyclist 

Deanna is an award-winning sound designer and composer who was slated to work on The Music Man this season. Listen in to hear about Deanna’s intricate work behind-the-scenes and how she uses cycling to tune out the chaos of the pandemic.

Episode 3
Kwaku Adu-Poku and Emerjade Simms: Artful Activists

Actors Kwaku Adu-Poku and Emerjade Simms appeared in the National Art Centre’s workshop of Audrey Dwyer’s Calpurnia at TIP this winter, and Kwaku was returning to perform in Perfect Wedding. We spoke to them about Black Lives Matter and the benefits of using Instagram for sharing resources, fueling their activism, and refueling their spirits.

Episode 4
Lucy McPhee: Secret Sewer

Stage manager Lucy McPhee worked at TIP twice last season and was returning to work on Perfect Wedding in 2020. Though COVID has put a pin in her plans, Lucy’s making the most of it by sewing her own clothes using her grandmother’s avocado green sewing machine.

Episode 5
Kate Blackburn: Plant Mama

Kate Blackburn was booked to play Marian the Librarian in our 2020 production of The Music Man. In addition to having a golden voice, it turns out Kate also has a green thumb.

Episode 6
Krista Jackson: Book Smart

Director Krista Jackson was excited to tackle the wild and wonderful farce Perfect Wedding in 2020. Although COVID has ear-marked her work at TIP, Krista is busy reading a library’s worth of books.

Episode 7
Tyler Check: D&D Devotee

Kingston born actor and musician Tyler Check was booked to star in the musical Once this summer. Instead, he’s embarking on epic adventures… all from the comfort of home.

Episode 8
Marcia Johnson: Stellar Storyteller

Playwright, actor, and activist Marcia Johnson wrote the play Serving Elizabeth which was developed at TIP’s Playwright’s Unit and was slated for a production in 2020. COVID’s thorny fate didn’t slow Marcia down. What started as a simple exercise of reading children’s books on Facebook for fun, has blossomed into ‘Hello, It’s Marcia’, a daily online story-time… with some surprising perks!

Episode 9
Nicole Stamp: Unstoppable Force

TV host, actor, director, writer, and activist Nicole Stamp was booked to star in Every Brilliant Thing at TIP. From Facebook to CNN, Nicole is raising her voice about Black Lives Matter and sharing actions you can take to sustain the fight against racism.

Episode 10
John Dinning: State-Of-The-Art Donor

John Dinning has been a designer of sets, props, and costumes for 40 years, and was returning to TIP to design Perfect Wedding in 2020. During the pandemic, John is using his design skills to help theatres — from Nova Scotia to Singapore! — fundraise in innovative ways.

Episode 11
Holly Meyer-Dymny: Vibrant Virtuoso

Theatre designer and visual artist Holly Meyer-Dymny was slated to make her TIP debut designing set and lights for Every Brilliant Thing. Holly is combatting the COVID-19 curveball with her multitude of artistic skills and entrepreneurial spirit.

Episode 12
Taurian Teelucksingh: Quadruple Threat

Taurian Teelucksingh was booked to make his TIP debut in The Music Man. Tune in to hear how Taurian is spending his final year at Sheridan College’s Music Theatre Program and evolving from a triple threat (someone who can act, sing, and dance) into a quadruple threat: someone who can do it all… over Zoom!

Meet the Hosts

In addition to serving as the Associate Artistic Director of the Thousand Islands Playhouse, Sophia Fabiilli is a writer, actor, director, and graduate of the Canadian Film Centre’s Bell Media Prime Time TV Program. Most recently she was writing on the Emmy Award winning series Odd Squad Mobile Unit. As a playwright her works include: The Philanderess (The Second City Award for Best New Comedy, 2015), How to Stand Up (Ellen Ross Stuart Opening Doors Award) and Liars at a Funeral, which was set to premiere at the Blyth Festival in 2020 before COVID-19 cancellations. Sophia first met Marta in 2005 when they appeared in their high school production of Footloose. All these years later, they’re hosting a podcast!

Marta McDonald is a lifelong Kingstonian who has worked with the Thousand Islands Playhouse for six years. After graduating from the Queen’s University Drama Department, she began working in the Box Office while volunteering as Artistic Intern to learn about the industry. She has now worked as the Company Manager for three seasons, with previous experience in Outreach, Development and Volunteer Leadership. She has worked for both the Toronto International Film Festival and as Hospitality Manager for the Kingston Canadian Film Festival. She is also aunt to her two favourite people and a big fan of a good pair of sunglasses.