Page to Stage Recap: The Music Man

On August 20, a special group of donors were invited to attend an exclusive ‘Page to Stage’ event online via Zoom. This event explored our planned 2020 production of The Music Man.

Director/choreographer Stephanie Graham (Anne of Green Gables, 2019) gave us a thoughtful look into her research, audition process, and her personal connection to the show (she performed in TIP’s 2004 production). Designer Brandon Kleiman wowed us with his set design — everything from architecture, antiques, advertisements, and quilts that inspired elements of his design. Costume designer Robin Fisher and TIP’s Head of Wardrobe Jayne Christopher gave us a look into their collaborative relationship and Robin’s beautiful colour palettes and drawings.

With the help of Dance Captain Lyndsey Britten, we explored Stephanie’s choreography and enjoyed Kate Blackburn (Marian the Librarian) singing My White Knight and David Leyshon (Harold Hill) performing 76 Trombones. Because the production was suspended due to COVID-19, the event was a bittersweet endeavor, but left us excited for the day we can finally produce this classic musical!

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