Hearing Assistance

LISTEN EVERYWHERE – For Hearing Assistance During the Performance

We have upgraded to a new hearing assist system which is available at our Springer and Firehall Theatres this season. 

Listen Everywhere is an assistive listening app that allows you to stream live high-quality audio directly to your cell phone that can be adjusted to your personal volume preference! 

To set up the app before your visit to the theatre, find “Listen Everywhere” in your app store and download the free app to your cell phone or smart device.

Please bring your own set of headphones – the app is also compatible with Bluetooth enabled hearing aids. 

When you arrive at the theatre:

  1. Select “LEGuest-2.4″ as your WIFI channel. 
  2. Connect your headphones to your phone, and all the audio from the performance plus any will be streamed directly to your device. Adjust your volume settings to what is comfortable to you and enjoy!

*If you do not have your own cell phone/smart device or headphones, we will have a limited number available to borrow at the box office kiosk. 

Our Front of House staff will be happy to assist you with the app if needed!