How to Code a Sandcastle

It’s the last day of summer and Pearl has a genius plan. Pearl spent her vacation learning how to code and today she’s going to code her brand new robot Pascal to build the most awesome sandcastle ever. Robot + coding = mega sandcastle glory! If only it was that easy… Pearl’s canine sidekick Ada is pretty woofed that Pascal is soaking up Pearl’s attention, Pascal has never seen sand before let alone built a sandcastle, and all the things Pearl learned in coding class are a little trickier than she remembered. But Pearl is persistent and learns to break her sandcastle-y problems into smaller steps using sequences, loops, and ‘if then else’ conditionals to code Pascal and build the sandcastle of her dreams, and inspire her dog and robot to become besties along the way!

  • Pearl Muhaddisah Batool
  • Stage Manager Julia Beaulieu
  • Ada/Puppeteer Eric Benson
  • Assistant Director/Cody Dhanish Chinniah
  • Costume Design Jayne Christopher
  • Set & Props Design Mark Hunt
  • Director Dahlia Katz
  • Pascal/Puppeteer Joey O’Dael
  • Music Director / Composer Anna Sudac


October 18-29, with two performance options per day.


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