2015 Guest Artists

Andrew Kushnir Adaptation: The Pirates of Penzance. Brett: Bed and Breakfast
Katie Honek Apprentice Stage Manager: The Pirates of Penzance, Tuesdays with Morrie
Luke Brown Assistant Director: Tuesdays with Morrie
Alexsandra Marzocca Assistant Director: The Pirates of Penzance
Chantal Hayman Assistant Stage Manager: Dear Johnny Deere
AJ LaFlamme Assistant Stage Manager: The Pirates of Penzance
Isabelle Ly Assistant Stage Manager: Closer Than Ever. Stage Manager: Tuesdays with Morrie
Heather Cant Associate Director: Don’t Dress for Dinner
Todd Thomson Bernard: Don’t Dress for Dinner
Shannon Currie Caroline: Dear Johnny Deere
Jennifer Tindale Cello: The Pirates of Penzance
Valerie Easton Choreographer: Closer Than Ever
Shelley Stewart-Hunt Choreographer: The Pirates of Penzance
Jayne Christopher Costume Designer: Rose’s Clothes
Cindy Wiebe Costume Designer: Closer Than Ever, Don’t Dress for Dinner
Rebecca Northan Creator: Blind Date
Nicole Norsworthy Daughter/Police chorus: The Pirates of Penzance
Daryl Cloran Director: Closer Than Ever
Ashlie Corcoran Director: The Pirates of Penzance, Don’t Dress for Dinner, Bed and Breakfast, Dear Johnny Deere
David Jansen Director: Tuesdays with Morrie
Rob Kempson Director: Rose’s Clothes, Assistant Director: Dear Johnny Deere
Paul Dunn Drew: Bed and Breakfast
Greg Runions Drums: The Pirates of Penzance
Kristin Galer Edith/Pirate: The Pirates of Penzance
Capucine Onn Fiddler: Dear Johnny Deere
Jonathan Purvis Flight Director, Pirate/Police chorus: The Pirates of Penzance
Adam Charles Frederic: The Pirates of Penzance
Beau Dixon George: Don’t Dress for Dinner
Adriana Crivici   Isabel/Policeman: The Pirates of Penzance
Alison Deon  Jacqueline: Don’t Dress for Dinner
Greg Gale Johnny: Dear Johnny Deere
Andrea Houssin Kate/Pirate: The Pirates of Penzance
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer: The Pirates of Penzance, Dear Johnny Deere
Jason Hand Lighting Designer: Tuesdays with Morrie
Oz Weaver Lighting Designer: Don’t Dress for Dinner
Alison MacDonald Mabel: The Pirates of Penzance
Joe Matheson Major General Stanley: The Pirates of Penzance
Leon Willey Performer: Closer Than Ever
David Keeley Performer: Closer Than Ever
Jeff Culbert McAllister: Dear Johnny Deere
Jason Chesworth Mike/Hendrik/Auctioneer: Dear Johnny Deere
Christy Bruce Mimi: Blind Date
Geoffrey Pounsett Mitch: Tuesdays with Morrie
Ian D.  Clark Morrie: Tuesdays with Morrie
David Archibald Music Director: Dear Johnny Deere
Steven Greenfield Music Director: Closer Than Ever. Piano: The Pirates of Penzance
Steven Greenfield Music Director (& Arranger): The Pirates of Penzance
Simon Gagnon Performer: Rose’s Clothes
Madison Hayes-Crook Performer: Rose’s Clothes
Erica Hill Performer: Rose’s Clothes
Jacob Wolstencroft Pirate/Police Chorus: The Pirates of Penzance
Michael Hughes Pirate/Police Chorus: The Pirates of Penzance
Katie Legere Reed- clarinet, flute, bassoon: The Pirates of Penzance
Clare Gordon Rehearsal pianist: The Pirates of Penzance
Kirk Smith   Robert: Don’t Dress for Dinner
Shelley Simester Ruth: The Pirates of Penzance
Darren Burkett Samuel/Police officer: The Pirates of Penzance
Bruce Horak Scenographer: Blind Date
Lindsay Mullen Scenographer & Understudy: Blind Date
Ben Kyte Sergeant of Police/Pirate: The Pirates of Penzance
Drew Facey  Set & Costume Designer: The Pirates of Penzance
Gillian Gallow   Set & Costume Designer: Tuesdays with Morrie
Camie Koo Set & Costume Designer: Dear Johnny Deere
Dana Osborne Set & Costume Designer: Bed and Breakfast
Ross Nichol Set & Lighting Designer: Closer Than Ever
Jung-Hye Kim Set Designer: Don’t Dress for Dinner
Anna Treusch Set Designer: Rose’s Clothes
John Gzowski Sound Designer: Bed and Breakfast
Adam Harendorf Sound Designer: Closer Than Ever, The Pirates of Penzance, Dear Johnny Deere
Doug Perry Sound Designer: Don’t Dress for Dinner
Chris Stanton Sound Designer: Tuesdays with Morrie
Michael Barrs Stage Manager: Bed and Breakfast
Natasha Bean-Smith Stage Manager: Dear Johnny Deere
Nicola Benidickson Stage Manager: Don’t Dress for Dinner
Skylar Nakazawa Stage Manager: Closer Than Ever
Kate Porter Stage Manager: The Pirates of Penzance. Assistant Stage Manager: Don’t Dress for Dinner
Michaela Steven Stage Manager: Rose’s Clothes
Jamie Northan Stage Manager/Sound Improviser: Blind Date
Krista Colosimo Suzanne: Don’t Dress for Dinner
Tess Degenstein Suzette: Don’t Dress for Dinner
Eric Morin The Pirate King: The Pirates of Penzance
Paul Clifford Upright Bass Player: Closer Than Ever
Lisa Draper Violin: The Pirates of Penzance
Patricia Zentilli Performer: Closer Than Ever
Sharron Matthews Performer: Closer Than Ever