For the Love of Theatre

For the Love of Theatre Campaign

There’s a wonderful place in eastern Ontario where your heartstrings get tugged through the gamut of emotions night after night. It’s the Thousand Islands Playhouse on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. From the balcony at intermission, you can watch a harvest moon rise over the Thousand Islands or admire cottage lights twinkling in the summer night.

This is the theatre that has been treating eastern Ontario and northern New York to magical entertainment for 30 years. The Playhouse is the result of a big dream. And because nothing creative stays creative if it’s left to stand still, we have to keep on the move. We have to keep dreaming big.

In 2012, the Thousand Islands Playhouse embarked on an ambitious fund-raising campaign to raise at least $1,500,000 to meet the organizations most pressing strategic programming needs and to plan for its future opportunities. On December 21, 2014, this goal was met. Through the campaign, we set out to:

  • – Build new production facilities
  • – Increase support to our season productions
  • – Increase opportunities for youth in theatre
  • – Strengthen financial flexibility of the Thousand Islands Playhouse

We are very grateful for all of the support that we have received. In April of 2015, we unveiled a final report of our successful achievement and the people who made it possible.