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Do I need to wear a mask when visiting the Playhouse?

Masks or face coverings are currently recommended but not required during your visit to the Playhouse. During our 2023 season, masks will be required for performances on Thursday evenings.
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Is there a dress code for either theatre at the Playhouse?
No. We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your visit to the theatre and suggest that you simply dress appropriately for the season. Both theatres are air-conditioned so ensure you have appropriate clothing to stay comfortable during the show.
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What time should I arrive at the theatre?
You should arrive at least half an hour prior to showtime. Parking on busy performance days can be tricky. Allowing a little bit of extra time allows you to enjoy the views from our balconies before the show, while still getting to your seat on time. The theatre doors open about 30 minutes prior to the performance. 
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What happens if I am late arriving for the show?

Springer Theatre: Latecomers will be admitted during a suitable break in the performance, as determined by Management. Readmittance into the theatre will also be done at a suitable break in the performance.

Firehall Theatre: In the interest of our artists and audience members, latecomers will not be seated. Readmittance into the theatre will be done at a suitable break in the performance, as determined by Management.
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How long is the show?
Each show is different. The best way to find out the runtime of a production (and whether it includes an intermission) is to contact the box office by calling (613) 382-7020 or by emailing
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Can I take photos or videos of the performance?
Unfortunately, no. The use of cameras, video cameras and any other sound or image-recording devices are strictly forbidden in the theatres. You are also requested not to text or message during the performance.
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Are food and drinks allowed in the theatre?

Springer Theatre: Our licensed concession opens two hours prior to performance times (and during intermission if applicable). Refreshments cannot be brought into the theatre at this time.

Firehall Theatre: Our licensed concession opens one hour prior to performance times (and during intermission if applicable). Refreshments are currently permitted inside the theatre.

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Are your venues accessible?
Yes. Please visit our accessibility page for more information.
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What if I am hearing impaired?
The Springer Theatre is equipped with an infrared hearing assistance system and there are a limited number of headsets available from the box office. Please inform the staff of your needs when making your ticket booking. Refer to our accessibility page for more information.
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Can I bring children or babies to the show?
Babes-in-arms and children under the age of two are not permitted in the theatre. Unless advertised as a CHILDREN & FAMILY show, we discourage attendance by any child unable to sit quietly through a performance. A ticket must be purchased for a child attending a performance. Please contact the Box Office and speak with one of our representatives regarding the content and length of the production to determine if it seems suitable for your child. Should your child become restless during the performance, management may ask you to leave the theatre. 
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Can I dock my boat at the theatre?

We offer complimentary docking to audience members when attending a performance at the Playhouse. There are a limited number of boat slips and we recommend making a reservation by contacting the Box Office.  Boaters using the dock do so at their own risk. Overnight docking is not available. Please contact the Box Office by calling (613) 382-7020 or by emailing

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Are Group Rates Available?
Yes. Groups of 10+ adults pay $30 per person (plus taxes and fees). For more information please contact the Box Office (613-382-7020) or
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What is the refund & exchange policy?
Please read our Terms & Conditions page here
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If a performance is sold out, can I be added to a waiting list?

Please contact the Box Office to add your name to our waiting list. If seats become available, a Box Office representative will attempt to contact you by phone within two hours of a performance time.
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Are your actors professional?
The Thousand Islands Playhouse is a completely professional company, and is a member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT). The majority of our artists are members of either Canadian Actors’ Equity Association (CAEA or Equity) or the Associated Designers of Canada (ADC).
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Who picks the plays?
The Managing Artistic Director spends the preceding year reading plays and visiting other theatres to determine a selection of plays that he believes will be both entertaining and impactful to Playhouse audiences. We are constantly looking to renew the experience that you have in our theatres which is why we have such a wide breadth of programming and are always on the hunt for wonderful new stories to tell. 
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Where do the actors come from?
Our actors are members of Canadian Actors Equity Association. They (and the directors, designers, and choreographers) come from across the country.  We also hold auditions in Toronto.
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Is this a repertory company?
No, our plays run sequentially. Although during the high season, we will have one play at the Springer Theatre and another at the Firehall Theatre. The casts and creative team differ with each show.
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Where do the plays come from?
The productions are all built and rehearsed locally in our Herbert Street production facility. 
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Can I find out more about what it’s like to put on a show?
The Springer Theatre has Dock Talks between the first of June and beginning of October. There are also frequent talkbacks following the performances. Please check the calendars for information.
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We loved the show! How do I get to meet the cast?
We are always proud of our shows and love it when people stay afterwards to meet the artists involved in the productions. The best place to wait is in the lobby afterwards as many of the performers will come down there on their way out of the building. This isn’t always guaranteed and is simply a possibility. We frequently have talkbacks after the shows and deck chats before the show. Please check the website, before attending the theatre, for this information.
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