Auditioning With A Monologue

Monologues can be daunting, but they are an essential skill in the theatre world. The silver lining is that conquering monologue performance has many ‘real world’ benefits. Whether it’s public speaking, giving a presentation, or attending a job interview, many of the skills explored in this interactive, hands-on workshop will benefit students beyond the drama classroom.

This workshop is divided into two sections led by Associate Artistic Director Sophia Fabiilli who has worked as a professional actor for 10 years. Sophia will explore:

● What to look for when choosing a monologue;
● Practical application of objectives, obstacles, and tactics;
● Crafting a dramatic arc that highlights your emotional range;
● Helpful tips on the audition process.

The second section is a practical application of the ideas from the first section. Working one-on-one with students, Sophia will run a mock audition, share tailored feedback, and guide students in:

● Finding vocal energy and physical groundedness, even when you’re nervous;
● Crafting a strong ‘moment before’;
● Practical advice on how to present yourself and let your personality shine.

Note: With the allotted time (90min), we are able to run a mock audition for 10-12 students. If you would like your full class to be coached one-on-one please book two workshops.


This Workshop Includes

● 90-minute workshop facilitated by a seasoned actor with 10 years of professional experience, including a mock audition for 10-12 students
● A PDF of 30 age-appropriate monologues for your students provided in advance

PRICE — $150 + HST


Sarah Dennison, Education Coordinator
CALL: (613) 382-7086 x33

Educating Rita‘ by Willy Russell. Photography by Jay Kopinski.