A Comedic Masterpiece

By Peter Hendra, Kingston Whig-Standard

“Aside from being a farce of mistaken identity, the play pokes fun at Victorian society’s views on money, marriage and, naturally, class. The humour rolls out fast and furiously.”

“As the two playboys, Christopher and Smith play off each other nicely. Christopher’s Algy strikes the perfect note, and he certainly knows how to deliver a punchline.”

“The brides-to-be, Degenstein and Deon are both terrific and play off each other well. Their testy tea together was wonderfully done.” 

“Lady Bracknell has the best lines in the play, and Irving comedically delivers them with just the right amount of disdain and haughtiness.”

“With so many terrific scenes, a great deal of credit must go to director Daryl Cloran for making them so.”

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