Further Resources & Ideas

for the week of January  18-24


Bust Blue Monday

Wear sunny yellow and do something that makes you happy. ‘Blue Monday’ – the third Monday in January – has been noted as the saddest day of the year. Let’s smash that idea by spending the day doing something that we enjoy and wearing the brightest colour in the rainbow.

Share with us how you are combatting the ultimate Monday Blues using the #TIPBluesBuster




Its easy fun and relaxing at any age. Dig out those markers, crayons, colouring pencils, pastels, anything, and get to work. Draw a picture and colour it in OR access one of the many free websites like Crayola.ca have available here!



Tell a local store you appreciate what they do

The retail and service industry has had an especially hard time recently. Take a moment to thank a store owner/employee for their efforts. This might not be as easy as it could be if we weren’t in stay-at-home orders but get creative! Send them an email, post on social media, or pick up the phone and leave a message for whenever they are able to return.


Two Months to Spring

Decorate your windows with paper flowers. Craft time! Make flowers out of anything you have in your house. Cardboard, coffee filters, leftover Christmas wrapping paper.

If you want to go a bit more detailed, here are a few tutorials on how to make some beautiful paper flowers:

Six Easy Paper Flowers
20 Tutorials for Paper Flowers




Write a story or a journal entry about something good from 2020

We have asked the instructors of our Storytellers’ Circle to help us with getting you inspired and ready to write something for today’s blue’s buster.

See what our Education team (and the leaders of Storytellers’ Circle) Sarah Dennison and Sophia Fabiilli had to say below:

  1. Tap into your five senses: 

See if you can tap into a positive memory by using your senses. Taste: did you try out some new recipes? Smell: did you roast marshmallows over a fire? Sound: did you enjoy listening to new music, a podcast, or an audiobook that had an impact on you? 


  1. Find those silver linings: 

It’s human nature to remember negative experiences more than positive ones. Take a step back and see if you pinpoint a silver lining from 2020. Did you reconnect with a friend or relative? Spend more time outdoors? Or, learn a new hobby?


  1. Celebrate personal growth:  

Whether it was cultivating resilience or learning how to cut your own hair, we all grew last year whether we realize it or not. Can you put into words how 2020 pushed you towards growth? Even if it’s something small or simple, like learning to live with less or putting a dent in your “to read” pile of books.


Turn on your favourite song and DANCE!

Our staff have each shared theirs and we have put them together in a playlist of Spotify. Check it out HERE

Alyssa – Twist and Shout by Beatles

Brett – Home for a Rest by Spirit of the West

Dirk – Lake Shore Drive by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah

Jeremy – Behind the Lines by Phil Collins

Marta – Human Right by The Strike

Nicole – Dancing in the Moonlight by Top Loader

Sarah – I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston

Sophia – Joy to the World by Three Dog Night

Susie – Hey Ya by Outkast


National Compliment Day

Give out three genuine compliments today. Tell someone how good they are at something or a positive trait you appreciate about them. You are doing a great job on this calendar, keep it up superstar. (See? It’s that easy.)